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Lead Generation

Some Simple and Effective Lead Generation Marketing Strategies for your Collinsville, IL Business

If you are the owner of a business in Collinsville, IL, have you considered any lead generation marketing strategies? There are several different approaches for lead generation marketing depending on how you want to bring customers in.  The general idea of this kind of marketing is to get your customer’s information like their name, phone number, or email address then use that information to push interest onto customers which may also bring in new customers and bump up your sales numbers. Your lead generation strategy must be adaptable to new trends and habits of customers. Here we will be discussing some lead generation strategies.

Digital Marketing

SMS or Email Opt-Ins

Allowing your customers to opt-in to an SMS campaign or newsletter subscription is a great way to cultivate leads, however, you need to make sure what you are sending out is meaningful and you are not bombarding your customer’s inboxes with messages. When offering this kind of subscription, it’s best to only send out things that would have relative value to your customers such as things like coupons or special deals. Also, make sure to make the opt-in simple for your customer. You do not need to know everything about a customer to get them signed up for a subscription, instead start low and try to build up a relationship over time before asking for more information like their birthday.

Social Media and Advertising

You can have your customers sign up for deals on social media to generate leads. This has the potential to be the cornerstone of your lead generation strategy since you have a lot more options on social media. You can tag and advertise your products or, if the platform has a storefront, you can directly sell your products on social media.


The outreach process is all about researching to find people you believe might be interested in what you offer, or you can purchase a list of people’s names that might fit your mold for an ideal customer. Once you have your list of customers, it’s time to craft an engaging message to entice them in. Online platforms such as LinkedIn allow you to connect with people who may be interested in your services or products. The main goal of outreach is to build a relationship with a potential customer over time, trying to bring them in too quickly could shoo them away.

Landing Pages

Having a simple landing page that gives your customers an offer is one way to cultivate leads. You will typically be making offers in other ways as well, however, you can always make better offers or have other prospects to the offers made on your landing page.  These pages will be designed for a specific service or product that you already provide, they also do not appear on the main navigation on your site. These pages can be a great way to direct attrition to sales or promote campaigns you are currently having.

Social Media Marketing

Local SEO

Creating local SEO for your Collinsville, IL business is a great lead generation marking strategy. It lets potential customers find your business when they are looking for a product or service.  By doing things like setting up a Google My Business page, getting reviews and feedback online, and getting your business into local directories, you can increase your lead cultivation in your area.

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