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Hometown Marketing Group is located in Collinsville, IL; and serves our local communities. We have a team of staff that includes strategists who focus specifically on social media marketing. Our team is here to help you attract an online following that will help you generate more engagements and build buzz around your brand. When you work with our team, you gain access to the best social media marketing experts in the Southern Illinois area!

Potential Challenges that Clients May Face on Social Media:

  • Creating Engaging Content
  • Finding Ideas for New Content
  • Measuring ROI
  • Creating Content that Generates Leads
  • Determining Which Platforms to Utilize in Order to Market Your Brand
Creating Leads with Social Media
Getting the Most out of Social Media

Potential Solutions:

Don’t Waste Valuable Time

From Facebook to Instagram, your customers spend hours every day on social media sites and apps. However, Algorithms, competitors, and apathy all stand between you from attracting their attention. Hometown Marketing Group has the experience and expertise to engage, target, and persuade your audience, which can help eliminate years of costly trial and error. Not only will you get your ads seen, but you will also get your audience to care about your brand.

Knowing who to show up to, where to show up to them on, and how to engage them can help you:

  • Acquire New Customers
  • Recapture Past Customers
  • Lower Ad Costs
  • Lead Journey Optimization
  • Make the Path for Your Customers to the Purchaser from You Simple
  • Ad Copy and Strategy Creation
  • Show Your Content to the Right People, at the Right Time.
  • Technical Maintenance and Setup
  • Segment, Retarget, and Track Behavior with Pixels Set up Across Channels
Acquiring New Customers with Social Media


What is Retargeting

Retargeting is also known as remarketing and is the concept of showing advertisements to potential customers who show an interest in your services or products. Usually most of your web traffic bounces away from your site without ever converting. Retargeting tries to get those people back to your site by displaying advertisements on their social media feeds in order to get them reengaged. This could include the products or services that they recently have viewed or similar ones that they may find more interesting.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. This means that you could reach millions of people who you might not otherwise be able to.  Facebook advertising is when you post paid advertisements that will be displayed to potential customers, getting them to be enticed towards checking out your brand. Facebook now has advertising tools, allowing you to segment geographic, demographic, and technological filters. However, with all of these new tools, Facebook advertising has become harder & more complex. This is where our team of social media experts comes in!

What is the Difference Between Paid Social Media Advertising and Organic Social Media Advertising?

The most important difference between paid social media advertising and organic social advertising is whether or not you put any money behind the content and post or not. Paid social advertising helps push specific posts with a budget, allowing it to reach specific audiences. Using this method allows you to utilize segmentation to determine who these posts are shown to.  On the other hand, organic social media advertisements do not utilize a budget behind them, and their ads cannot be targeted. This method is used to interact with your existing audience and communicates with new people naturally.

How Much Should I Spend on Paid Social Media Advertising?

There is unfortunately no magic number that can say how effective your paid social media advertising will be. This will depend on the industry that you are in and how competitive the landscape can be. Another factor that can affect our social media advertising is the networks that you are using to advertise. Our team at Hometown Marketing Group can help you by evaluating your current needs and figure out what it will take to reach your goals. From there we can develop a strategic plan to help you get the results you want while spending your budget in the most efficient way.

What We Offer:


Before you sign a contract, we perform a detailed audit of your business’s Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies. We can give you an in-depth report on what is working, and what is not, as well as opportunities that we have found for necessary growth.

Using Social Media Marketing Data
Social Media Marketing Strategy


We take your current paid efforts, competition, and audience segmentation opportunities while creating a map of your customer journey. From this point, we will custom-curate your paid social media strategy.


We create new ads and implement them for you. We handle the entire process from copy, design, and targeting.

Implementation of Social Media Marketing
New Customers from Social Media Market Strategies

Results & Repeat

Even if you begin seeing new customers, we will continue to make tweaks to your marketing process. We do not stop testing optimization strategies, content, and new targeting methods in order to adapt to your target audience and the market behaviors that are unique to you.

Types of Social Media Strategies We Can Implement

Interactive Campaigns

Interactive campaigns include contests, quizzes, and chats. We can initiate a photo contest that calls on your target audience to share a creative picture of the products you sell. We could also run a video contest that highlights your services or products.

Quizzes are also a great way to build your engagements. We can set up quizzes that appeal to people in your specific target market. A strategy we can use is giving the quizzes a clickbait title in order to bring visitors to your website.

Social Media Management

There are two parts to proper social media management. The first is that we determine which social media platforms are best suited for your business. From there we will help you use a variety of social media sites to manage your business online.  It is important to note that not all social media sites are created equally. Some of them are more capable of doing business compared to others. Depending on your business, some platforms are better to use than others.

Once we have established which social media platform best suits your company, we will help you use it to boost your business’s online presence. We also will help set goals for your social media updates. We will help guide you to understand what content should be included and how you should post to your social media platforms.

After this we will go over the different types of analytics that can determine which content resonates with your audience and what we can do to improve your engagements. We will show you how your social media accounts generate leads and attract people to your website.

Social Media Advertising

Many social media platforms allow you to direct your advertising efforts to people based on their interests and their demographic. That means that you are able to get the best bang for your buck by showing your advertisements only to those in your target market. In some instances, you can optimize your ad to get maximum clicks and pay per click, other campaigns though can allow you to pay per impression.

Our team of social media experts will work directly with you to make sure that your social media advertising strategy will give you the best return on investment. We will ensure that your ads run on the proper social media channels and reach your specific target audience.

Why Choose Us?

Undivided Attention

Our team takes the time to understand your business and what your goals are. We help serve those throughout the Southern Illinois area by developing a winning campaign customized to all your specific needs.

Helping with Business Goals with Social Media Planning
Dedicated Social Media Specialists

Dedicated Social Media Specialists

Our team is never too busy to answer questions, and our team is experienced with social media so we can answer questions that may come up during the process.

Reporting that is Up to Date

You will receive reports on your campaign’s performance whenever you choose, and you will have access to our team whenever you need us.

Up to Date Information about Social Media Marketing
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