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At Hometown Marketing Group, Inc., we specialize in SMS marketing that helps you directly target your consumers producing outstanding results.

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Drive Sales With SMS Marketing

0 %
of Americans own a Smartphone, and never leave home without it.

The average American checks their phone every 10 minutes.


0 %
of SMS Messages are read in under 3 minutes!
0 %
of Organizations and Businesses in the U.S use SMS Marketing.
0 %
of SMS Messages are opened by the consumer.
0 %
of consumers PREFER SMS messages over emails and phone calls!

4 Step Launch Process

Gather Client Information

Configure & Develop

Receive & Edit Your SMS



SMS Marketing has proven to be one of the strongest and most effective solutions.

It has high conversion rates and boosts your other sources of information.

Hello!?! That is additional advertising!

Once you see the benefit of SMS Marketing it becomes impossible to stop.

The best part about it? It is user friendly.

So, if you are an expert, or a newbie, your messages will reach your customers.

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locally owned businesses.