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Are You Experiencing Poor Sales? Invest in Website Redesign

Did you know that one of the leading causes in low sales is due to poor website design? An unpleasant or slow site can break your business. The world is online now—it’s time you invested in website redesign.

No matter your business’s size or the industry you work in… having a great website is a must. If you don’t have a user-friendly and inviting website, you are going to push your customers away. Here are the top three signs your website needs a makeover:

  1. Does your Website Look Outdated?
  2. Have you Noticed a Decrease in Conversions and sales?
  3. Have you received any complaints about user experience or design-related comments?

If you find yourself saying yes to those questions… it’s time you call our web design team at Hometown Marketing Group, Inc.

Outdated Website

Qualities Of a Badly Designed Website

Poorly designed websites tend to share many of the same qualities. Here is what you should look out for:


Terrible Color & Font Choices – A poor choice of color scheme or font can lead to an unappealing website design. Bright colors may be distracting and convey a lack of professionalism. Your best options for fonts are ones that are easy for anyone visiting your site to read.

font choice website

Hard To Use Navigation – A website design that lacks simple navigation is also very frustrating for visitors. Your visitors may not be able to locate the information they were looking for if content is cluttering the page. A website with too many pages that take too long to navigate can also contribute to other issues such as slow website performance.


Branding Outdated – A website that doesn’t reflect your brand’s current image is a poor design choice. If your branding is not up to date, you can leave potential leads confused, negatively affecting your lead generation overall. If you have a name change, phone number change, address change, or anything else that could be confusing if left unchanged, update your website to reflect it.

web navigation

Content Is Clustered – Nothing is more frustrating than visiting a website looking for information only to find cluttered pages, taking you a needlessly long time to find what you are looking for. Make sure to keep your website neat and straight forward and avoid having a cluster of content. With addition to this, we recommend using images sparingly and incorporating bullet point lists to make the content easier to navigate.


Buttons or Links Not Working – You may have encountered websites with broken links or buttons before. Failing to remove these links or buttons can lead to confusion, causing visitors to believe there is an issue with the entire website or that there could be something wrong with their device. Make sure all your links and buttons work correctly to avoid causing any confusion.

broken website links

Non-Responsive Design – With how frequently people will be using their phones or other mobile devices throughout the day, you should expect people to be looking at your website on those devices, maybe even more so than on a desktop computer. Anyone visiting your website will be frustrated and will likely leave shortly if your website is not designed and optimized for mobile view. Make sure to have all your bases covered by making sure your website looks good on any device.

responsive web design

If you are wanting to get an updated, professional small business website, and get it from a local digital marketing company you can trust and work with; Hometown Marketing Group is your answer. We have built hundreds of websites for many different clients & in many different industries throughout the Midwest region.  Give our team a call today to find out how we can help you.

Consider the following factors while branding:

  • How to engage and keep your customers on your webpage
  • How to make your information more accessible
  • How informative your landing pages and content is
  • How visually aligned and consistent your brand is
  • How to accomplish on-site SEO goals

If you’re unsure of where to start, give us a call. We designed our business around helping yours. We have been in the industry for over 25 years and pride ourselves on our multiple success stories. Your business could be next. Message us for more information on website branding and redesign today!

branding strategies

Why Should You Invest in our Professional Web Design Services?

There are many things to consider when selecting the right agency to handle your web design needs. For example, you need an agency with a proven track record of successful conversion up-turns, competitive search rankings and more. These factors can change the impact on your profit and market shares.

Here is what our team at Hometown Marketing Group, Inc. can do for your business

1. Grow Conversion Rates

No matter what your conversion rate goal is, our team can help. We can help you increase your sales, text marketing signups- email marketing newsletters, and more! We will work alongside you to ensure that you are reaching your goals through our custom web design services.

Grow Conversion Rates
Optimize & Strengthen User Experience of Website

2. Optimize & Strengthen User Experience

If your website is not designed to cater toward your user experience, you’re going to lose the sale. Statistically, almost 90% of users will shop or do business with a competitor after experiencing a poor user experience. Our web designers understand this and will have your users staying on your website, longer.

3. Unleash your Competitive Side

Pull out your selling points and use them to your advantage. You will always have a competitor and it’s important to stay ahead. With better selling points that are backed up with outstanding user experience is sure to keep you in the lead.

Unleash your Competitive Side
Increase Your Search Rankings

4. Increase Your Search Rankings

If your website does not rank on the front page of search engine results, it is going to be difficult to communicate and connect with your customers. Our SEO specialists are tuned into the internet’s ever-changing algorithms and will make sure that this does not happen.

5. Better Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Pull out your selling points and use them to your advantage. You will always have a competitor and it’s important to stay ahead. With better selling points that are backed up with outstanding user experience is sure to keep you in the lead.

Better Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Start the Conversation – We’re Here To Help You

If you’re ready to increase your search rankings, conversion rates, and your business’s success, invest in us. We’re here to help your business succeed and we certainly don’t want you to fail. Contact us and start the conversation today. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you increase and better your digital marketing strategy.

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