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Reputation Management – Why You Need It

Have Direct Access to Customer Reviews

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is an attempt to influence how and what people think about a brand or person when it is viewed online. So, what’s the difference? How does online review management come into play? Online review management is the business process of monitoring, analyzing, and responding to generating reviews across a multitude of online review sites and platforms.

Online reputation management involves a mix of public relations, legal, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to advertise, promote, and defend your online image or business’s reputation.

Review generation is the goal and on-going process of obtaining more online reviews on your business listings’ review sites. Those can include sites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Yelp, Google, and other industry-related sites.

Manage & Grow Your Business

Utilizing your strengths and growing your business has never been easier. Take reviews from real people and use them to your advantage. But how does it work?


The easiest thing you can do is ask your clients or customers to share their experiences. We do that through branded and individualized email & text marketing. It’s as simple as that.


Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. People love numbers. When your mass email or text message is sent out, customers will be asked to rank their experience on a metric scale of 1-10. Then take those numbers and generate them into your NPS (Net Promoter Score).


Unsatisfied customers are your KEY players when growing your business. The more you learn, the better you can be. Make sense? When your negative scores are received the dissatisfied customer will be directed to a customized page allowing them to provide you with honest feedback. You’ll be able to identify weak spots within your company & potentially mend a negative experience.


By utilizing and managing your customer reviews, you’ll truly get a grasp of how your customers and clients feel about you.

“Okay So How Do I Manage All of This?” – Leave That to The Experts.

You can take control of your reputation all on one platform, designed by us. It will also be managed by our team of SEO experts.

Our Reputation Management Builder grants our clients access to dozens of online review websites including the following:

Online Reputation Management
Angies List

Take Control of Your Business with Customer Reviews


Our digital marketing agency offers the following tools to help you capture and secure feedback, real reviews and ratings.

  • Email or SMS Tools
  • Review Monitoring Software for over 50 sites!
  • Feedback URLs
  • Google Q&A Monitoring
  • Geographical Locators
Review Monitoring Software
Account Administer


The team at Hometown Marketing Group, Inc. will manage your customer experience, user accounts, insights, analytics, and reporting. We gather this information in the following ways:

  • Receiving Feedback & Reviews
  • Notifications
  • Read & Respond
  • Auto-Targeting
  • Reporting
  • Insights & Analytics


Use your consumer feedback to better market your business, improve your content & SEO, and attract new customers.

  • Review Widget Displays
  • Reviews on Your Website & Social Media Pages
  • Add Social Proof with Conversion Pop-Ups.
  • Generate 3rd and 4th party reviews
  • Impact & Grow SEO and Earn Review Stars
Review Widget Displays

What Hometown Marketing Group, Inc. Can Do for You

Let’s break down what our experts at Hometown Marketing Group, Inc. can do for your business online reputation management. We understand the importance of client-business relationships. That’s why we make sure that your customers that shop with you or completes a service with you, that we are there to help build your reputation.

We help you ask your customers for feedback and online reviews with a variety of different and proactive methods. We do this to make sure that we help engage as many of your customers as possible. Let’s use email and SMS marketing as an example.

By using email and text SMS marketing we connect with your customers by

  • Email or SMS Requests
  • Single or list uploads
  • Text Back Customer-Activated Feedback

Through this we collect the following information:

  • NPS Score
  • Direct Feedback – otherwise known as First-Party Reviews
  • 3rd Party Reviews

Reporting & Monitoring

General Features

Gathering Feedback

Customer Feedback

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