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Voice Search Optimization – How to Enhance Your Website Ranking

Text-based searches and voice searches although they’re different, Google still uses the same ranking algorithm for both search types. Is your social media feed flooded with ads about Voice Search Optimization?  Confused on what your business needs to do? Contact our Team for Straight-up Answers, no bs.

Here are a few tips on how you can start to optimize for voice searches.

1. Website Load Time

Google voice search favors websites that are quick to load and contain a responsive design that works well on all devices (desktop, tablet & mobile).  It’s important to also make sure that your images are optimized, all your files are compressed, and that you use website caching to improve your websites page speed. All these small factors will make for higher load times—which is one of the key players in ranking higher.

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2. Write How You Talk

Online users will base their searches in condensed, concise phrases. For example, if you are searching for a trusted lawyer, you would type in “top rated local attorney.” Those who are using voice search are more likely to say something along the lines of “who are the best local attorneys near me?”

Those search differences completely change the way google ranks websites. Making it all more important to write how you speak if you are wanting to rank in voice search results.

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3. Learn to Work with Featured Content

Due to voice search, average search results will consist of 29 or more words long. We know that short answers typically perform better….so why are they pulling the longer results? Because they learned how to use featured content to their advantage.

By creating “featured snippets” or “quick answers” your content is more likely to be presented right below the paid users and about all other search listings. These featured snippets pop up to provide your searcher with informative information that answers their question. You can easily obtain this by using long-tail keywords within the content of your website.

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4. Start Implementing Schema Markup on your Website(s)

“What is schema markup? Schema markup is structural data that search engines use to understand your website. It does not directly affect with your sites ranking but it can give your site a competitive advantage over other companies or businesses during voice searches.

It’s also known as metadata that appears in your website’s source code. It’s then crawled by search engine spiders that are also known as Googlebot(s). Although your website visitors don’t see it, schema data helps search engines to organize and classify your content and industry.

Voice Search is Providing SEO Opportunity

If you haven’t already, voice search is become very popular with the assistance of modern technology. That includes Amazon Alexa and Siri. Before we realize it, most of our google searches will be made up of voice searches. Making more important that we practice voice search SEO before you get behind.

Voice Search

Ensure Your Website Speed

  • Make sure your site is optimized for mobile
  • Build AMP pages for streamlined mobile viewing
  • Utilize website caching to improve page load speeds
  • Compress all file and images for faster loading

The Evolution of SEO

Over the past few years, traditional SEO has revolutionized the internet. What used to be focused solely on keywords is now a mix of carefully curated content filled with the best longtail related keywords associated with your business. This shift is important to monitor has the internet and other search tools become more advanced through voice searches. By including long-tail keywords in your content you’re more likely to rank in traditional type to search and voice searches.  

You Have the Information… So, What Should You Do Now?

As the use of voice search continues to grow and rise, the evolution of SEO is going to continue. Those SEO changes are going to develop new innovative and competitive ways search engines locate your searches. Get ahead of the competition and contact our team, today!

Our digital marketing team has the knowledge and skill to help your online presence thrive in our ever-changing digital age. We will help you optimize for voice searches as well as traditional SEO. Ensuring that your business is on the right track to its optimal performance. Contact our team to get started.

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