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How Display Ads Can Benefit Your Business

Without a doubt, by now you have probably run across Google Display Advertising while browsing the internet. There is a range of reasons as to how Display Ads could benefit your own business. We’ll Outline the main benefits below but first, let’s bring you up to speed on what they are and why you should get started with Google Display today!

What is Google Display Advertising?

Google Display Ads run on the Google Display Network and offer exposure to customers even if they are not searching for your products and services. They are the modern-day highway advertising that you will see while browsing platforms like YouTube, mobile apps, and even your e-mail.

In short, they are the “visual” or ‘banner” ads that stand out on most of your go-to platforms.

Targeting & The Google Display Network

What makes the Google Display Network elite amongst others? It covers over 2 million sites and reaches over 90% of the people who have access to the internet. That means your display ads have serious potential and probability to connect with customers.

Reach People at Different Stages of the Buying Cycle

Google Display Ads allow you to connect with customers at different stages of the buying cycle. They help you capture the attention of your target audience even if they aren’t necessarily ‘looking’ for you. Google Display ads are a great fit in a ‘brand awareness’ strategy, by putting your ads in front of people at the very start of the buying cycle.

Google Display Ads also aid in reconnecting with those who have already interacted with your business in some way, whether it’s from a simple website page view, or something more valuable, such as an ‘add to cart.” Reconnecting with customers should be an important part of your marketing strategy.


Unlike other forms of advertising such as television or radio, it is a relatively inexpensive investment to start running display ads. Pricing is typically calculated by its Cost-per-thousand impressions. Where one impression is equivalent to a single page view by an internet user. On average, the cost to have your display ads seen 1000 times is around $2.80. With only an image and some text, you can start creating display ad campaigns that will help you drive traffic back to your website.

Who can benefit from Google Display Ads?

Sale Process

Afraid or know that people are unlikely to enquire once they first land on your website? Display ads can help keep your business at the front of their minds throughout their research process.

Brand Awareness

Given the capabilities of the Google display network, it is especially helpful in identifying your target audience’s interest. It also allows you to see what they are searching for, and the opportunity to get your name out there and connect.

Visual Product

Perhaps your service or product’s main selling point is how it looks. Display ads provide a visual product to showcase it. Whether it’s before-and-after photos, designs/builds, or clothing, if you know that it will capture the attention of your target audience, then you MUST show it!

After discovering how beneficial display advertising can be, it’s clear that this marketing strategy is an excellent way to increase brand awareness, drive traffic back to your website, and ultimately, improve conversions. Hometown Marketing Group in Collinsville, IL offers a variety of display advertising options. Want to get in on the display advertising action? Get in touch with us to plan your online media buying strategy today.



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