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3 Social Media Content Tricks to Drive Growth

Are you feeling underwhelmed by your social media content lately? It happens more than you think.

With the competitive demands for content, it can be challenging to constantly brainstorm fresh, unique ideas. To help Break you from your creative slump, we’ve explored 3 social media content tricks that will completely reboot your ads, inspire new high-quality posts, and boost social performance.

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Utilize User-Generated Content

UGC stands for User-Generated Content and is any form of content created by individual people and not brands, that is then published to an online or social network. Examples of this include testimonials, image content, videos, and common questions transformed into FAQs.

The upsides to UGC are its cutback on pressure to regularly design content and serve as an essential asset for social media growth. When effectively done with the power of word-of-mouth marketing, user-generated content is more likely to earn an increase in traffic, leads, and sales than the post you come up with yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to have a strategic plan in mind to effectively utilize your user-generated content. A good starting point would be utilizing reviews as leverage to not only drive sales but to increase website traffic and consumer trust. Encourage your customers to leave reviews and utilize hashtags to inspire consumers to actively share content.

Use Go-Live Features to Showcase Your Brand Behind-the-Scenes

While video content, in general, is a wonderful social media content asset. The ability to go live allows your followers to connect with you in real-time, an advantage that pre-filmed video does not offer. Utilizing live-stream properly requires you to think ahead and promote your live stream in advance. It’s important you let your audience know in advance and to include specific details of your live stream well before it kicks off. You can easily share this information through a variety of platforms, including social media and email.

To ensure that interaction takes place, set aside time to plan for questions and answers your audience might have for you. Consider taking the time to foster a sense of community and inclusion by greeting attendees by names as they enter the feed-don’t just jump into a presentation and forget about who you are here to serve.

Diversify Your Social Media Content Assets

When you chose to diversify your content assets, you also increase the likelihood that your social media content will resonate with more members of your audience. Because of this, you want to create a library of content that includes success stories, blogs, videos, and polls.

As you begin to craft cross-social campaigns, you want to tell a unified story that thematically aligns but is present very differently on each respective platform. It’s important to remember that not all identical content will have identical success across social channels. Each social channel has different audiences, requirements, and expectations. There is no time like the present to test new mediums for your brand.

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Even if you feel over-exhausted by the never-ending need for content, by employing these three social media content tricks, you will not only be refreshing your existing content portfolio but start to rebuild and rebrand if necessary.

Whether you chose to go live on Facebook with a new arrival video or partner with Hometown Marketing Group to refresh your UGC, you can revive your content strategy and drive growth. Give your Local Collinsville, IL marketing agency a call to get started on your social media marketing strategy.




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