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How to Make It Easier for Your Local Customers to Find You Online

Are you looking to improve your visibility on Google and other search engines? Follow these key hacks to skyrocket your local search results in Collinsville, IL.

Local Search and its benefits:

Local search refers to being found when someone is looking for something in the local market or service you provide. This is ideal for businesses that are focused on local searches because:

  • Develops trust and loyal customers
  • Increases visibility, site traffic, leads, and foot traffic
  • Avoids wasting time competing with eCommerce giants

This is important because almost half of all Google searches are looking for local information. Of that half 50% result in an in-store visit within a day. Even if you don’t sell online, you need to have an online search strategy to make sure your business can be found by local customers on the internet.

Hack #1: Submit a business profile to popular search engines.

Even though Google offers a free business profile, a big number of businesses have not yet claimed their listings. These listings are viewed when someone searches Google for your local business. They provide a space for links to profiles that give customers information needed to buy from your business.

Sounds great right? The only issue is that businesses that submit a profile are the only ones included in those results. This is by far the most essential move for local SEO. It is an easy way to get a first-page search result on a local business.

Hack #2: Optimize your website with words related to your location in three easy ways

Aside from having a mobile-friendly website, your website should include a contact page and website footer that list your location. If you have multiple locations, use a “Locations” page to incorporate each address, and create a unique page for each.

Incorporating Schema Markup to your site will tell search engines exactly what your business name is, logo, address, phone numbers, and operating hours are.

Attract more customers by creating content on your website that has location-specific keywords. For example, incorporate the city, neighborhood, or state that you provide your service in, as part of your heading. 

Hack #3 Design your promotions specifically for your local audience

If your business is tailored to a location-specific place, you can make this apparent in your online promotions. Try tying in a sale to an annual festival and then promote it on your website. If you post on social media or email a newsletter, mention local events to show that you are a part of the community.

Hack #4 Paid search results

Whether you chose to run Facebook ads, Google Display ads, or the PPC route. All of the mentioned options offer the ability to target your ads to only be viewed by locations within your selected radius or set specific zip codes. Tailor your placements to local news sources or weather reporting websites. While advertising on national websites may generate clicks, a local or community-based website is sure to generate quality clicks from people in your area who might turn into customers.

Are you ready to develop your small business’s local audience?

For assistance on targeting local search to boost your business presence, or any other digital marketing strategies, contact Hometown Marketing Group or join our mailing list.



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