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Why Instagram is Vital for Your Small Business!

Since the founding of Instagram, businesses have been flocking to the social media platform. It currently is a cost-effective solution to boosting the reach of a small business.  Below we have some of the top benefits that you should consider when deciding on creating an Instagram account for your business.

Build the Brand of Your Small Business

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Instagram is usually used as a visual social media platform where small businesses are able to easily connect with people across the globe. As a small business, you need to make sure you have effective and straightforward methods when it comes to reaching your audience. At the same time, however, you want to keep costs low. Sharing photos and videos about the business, staff, and customers on Instagram can help engage your prospective customers in an effective way. Visual feeds often reflect the business’s specific branding and what makes it different from its competitors. This can help create growth of new users who will help you build your brand.

Boost the Sales of Your Small Business

Using Instagram Ads is a great way to help promote your small business and increase traffic to your website. This tool allows you to generate more sales as well as share new products or services. Having a larger amount of Instagram followers means an increase in prospective customers which is overall vital for boosting your sales.

Remain On Top of Customer Trends

Small Businesses that use Instagram can make the most out of the popular trends that sweep the social media platform. You can share interests in trends by posting certain trends when they are popular or, you can try and create your own. An idea that small businesses could do is create posts to show your audience of good causes that you support or create a weekly schedule and post certain topics on certain days. When you stay on top of trends, you are able to attract even more people to your businesses account, creating a greater audience.

Practical Customer Service Options for Your Small Business

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Sometimes, your customers want to learn more about your small business. This is another reason why Instagram is a very helpful platform. You are able to provide your customers with answers about products or services that you offer as well as what makes you better than your competitors. Offer them discounts, discuss promotions, and even help them find solutions to issues that they may have heard while shopping or utilizing your business’s services. This direct line of communication allows you to really connect with your audience on a personal level.

If you have any questions about utilizing Instagram for your small business, contact us at Hometown Marketing Group today!



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