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3 Contractor Marketing Moves for the 2022 New Year

It’s a new year for your business, and marketing strategies are a must for any growing business these days.  Make sure these three contractor marketing moves are included in your strategy to start your business off on the right foot this year.

YOUR SEO- The only thing worse than a bad website is a good website that no one can find

Think about a time you searched on the internet for a local business. Regardless of whether you were looking for a carpenter or painter, the experience is similar.

You insert a phrase into a search engine, with keywords, to find the best results. When the results appear, you will check out the first few results and click on one that resonates with you. This is how most users perform searches.

In addition, users don’t typically go past the first page of results. This is what makes search engine optimization (SEO) a necessity. So how, can you make sure you are doing the most with your SEO?

Choose the right keywords: opt for long-tail keywords, phrases that contain 3+ words, are better than short-tail keywords. For example, “contractors in Collinsville, IL” rather than the short-tail keyword “contractors.” You want to stay away from using terms that are too broad and have a lot of competition.

Create your Google business profile: This is a free tool that your business needs to use. If you have ever searched for “HVAC near me” or “Roofers near me,” the results only include those that have a google business account. This listing enables you to share important contact information, hours of operation, and photos. A Google business account is a chance to advertise your business for free.

YOUR PAY-PER-CLICK –Obtain new leads through pay-per-click (PPC) ads

PPC advertisements are visible at the top of search results, above the organic listings. These advertisements work on a bidding system. Like a web page, PPC advertisement is connected to keywords. When a user types in the keyword, it triggers the advertisement.

Because PPC works on a bidding system, when creating a PPC campaign you will have to consider what keywords you want to use. Then you will need to decide how much you want to pay for each time someone clicks on your ad. This is considered your maximum bid. You will never pay over your maximum bid for each click.

Once your advertisement is launched, you can start earning quality leads. The advantage of using PPC advertising is the ability to monitor your advertisement and see what keywords are working. It can help you develop a successful list of successful keywords for your SEO plan as well.

Efficient PPC advertising is perfect for boosting your conversion rates. Visitors that land on your website through a PPC advertisement are more likely to become customers, as opposed to organic visitors. These advertisements serve as a great tactic to generate leads that are more likely to convert.

YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA- Connect with your leads and build brand credibility

It is free to create a page for your business on a site like Facebook that allows you to share content, business information, and post daily updates. If you utilize content marketing, you can share videos and images of your current projects on this site. Customers can also leave reviews about your business. This is another great way to interact with consumers to address their concerns and thank them for good reviews.

In addition, Facebook is also another platform used for paid advertisement. You can use their advertising feature to draw more attention to your plumbing or roofing services. People who like your Facebook will be able to see any content you generate on your page and share it with their family and friends on their pages.

More than ever, it is so important that you create a strong online presence because people are searching for your business on the internet. You want them to pick you over the competition. When you partner with Hometown Marketing Group, we can help you earn visibility for the keywords your target audience is searching for. If you are ready to start your ideal advertising campaign, contact us today to speak with a specialist.



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