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Google Local Service Ads Collinsville IL

Why Have Google Local Service Ads For Your Small Collinsville, IL Business

Did you know that almost half of all Google searches are focused on finding more information about local businesses? Google search is an incredibly powerful tool for local businesses looking to expand their reach and grow their customer base. While positive customer reviews and ratings can certainly boost your chances of being selected, you need something extra to immediately capture your customers’ attention. This is where Google Local Services Ads come in. Here we want to explain how Local Service Ads can benefit your small business in Collinsville, IL.

Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Services Ads (LSA) are paid advertisements which allow local service businesses to acquire leads directly through phone calls and message requests. They will appear on the top of Google’s search results whenever a person searches for something relevant to local businesses. These ads can showcase your company’s name, reviews, ratings, city, phone number, opening hours, and other relevant information. By using Local Services Ads, businesses can connect with qualified leads that are ready to convert. It should be noted, however, that currently, Local Service Ads are only available for certain service locations and categories. Be sure to check out if your small business in Collinsville, IL qualifies.

Google Guaranteed

Google Guaranteed is a badge that appears in Local Services Ads for home service providers, indicating that Google has verified and approved your business. Only home service businesses that have successfully passed Google’s screening and verification process are eligible for the badge. An additional benefit of the Google Guarantee badge is that Google may reimburse customers who are dissatisfied with the quality of your business’s work, up to a lifetime reimbursement limit of $2,000 for US businesses.

The Cost Of LSA

Local Services Ads are charged on a pay-per-lead basis, with an average cost of approximately $25 USD per lead. However, the actual cost of your LSA can vary significantly depending on your industry, location, and competition. One of the benefits of using Google Local Ads is that you have complete control over your budget. You can set your budget based on the number of leads you wish to obtain each week, and your ad will cease to appear once you reach your monthly limit unless you increase your budget.

Difference Between LSA and PPC

Local Services Ads (LSA) are charged on a per-lead basis, whereas pay-per-click (PPC) advertising requires payment when a user clicks on your ad. With Local Services Ads, you do not engage in direct keyword bidding for your ads; instead, you can choose to let Google determine your bid or set a maximum bid per lead manually.

If you have any more questions about Google Local Service Ads or are looking to set some up for your small business in Collinsville, IL, give our experienced team over at Hometown Marketing Group a call today!



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