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google maps new features helping businesses Collinsville IL

How New Google Maps Features Help Small Business Around Collinsville, IL

Millions of people use Google Maps to find local businesses every day. If you are a small business located in or around Collinsville, IL, it is great to know all the features that Google Maps allows its users to help them find your business easier. In this blog post we want to discuss some of the new features Maps is implementing.

Smarter Directions and Real-time Traffic

With the latest updates, Google Maps now offers even smarter directions and real-time traffic information. Thanks to improved algorithms, the app can suggest the fastest and most efficient routes based on real-time data, ensuring you reach your destination without unnecessary delays. Whether you’re driving, biking, or taking public transportation, Maps will help you navigate with confidence and save precious time.

Augmented Reality Navigation

Google Maps now features an augmented reality (AR) navigation feature. By using your smartphone’s camera and sensors, Maps overlays virtual arrows and indicators onto the real world, providing intuitive guidance as you navigate through unfamiliar streets. No more confusion or wrong turns! With AR navigation, potential customers cannot miss your business in Collinsville, IL.

Interactive Maps for Indoor Spaces

Google Maps is no longer limited to outdoor navigation. In 2023, they will be introducing interactive maps for indoor spaces, revolutionizing the way you explore malls, airports, museums, and more. With detailed floor plans and points of interest, you can easily find shops, gates, restrooms, and other essential locations within large buildings. The indoor mapping feature will help you navigate complex structures effortlessly, ensuring you never get lost again. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect store or trying to locate the nearest restroom, Google Maps has got you covered.

Personalized Recommendations

Discovering new places to eat, drink, and explore has never been more personalized. Google Maps now utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to offer tailored recommendations based on your preferences and past activities. From trendy restaurants to hidden gems, the app understands your unique tastes and suggests places that are likely to pique your interest. With Google Maps as your guide, you’ll never run out of exciting places to discover, whether you’re a local or a traveler exploring a new city.

If you are the owner of a small business in Collinsville, IL, it is important to get your business added to Google Maps. With these new features, potential customers will easily be able to find your business. If you are looking for a company that can get your business on Maps, contact our team of professionals at Hometown Marketing Group today!



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