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SEO Tricks to Get More Customers to Your Small Collinsville, IL Business

If you own a small business in Collinsville, IL, you owe it to yourself to optimize your SEO. The margin of searches for local businesses on Google is high and a good portion of those searches lead customers to go to that business and make purchases. Having good SEO means you will have new and returning customers to your business. Here we will go over some tips on how you can improve your SEO optimization online for your small business.

Keep the On-Page Content Localized

It is important to add some on-page SEO tactics to your overall strategy. You can benefit from your local listing by creating a localized version of your service and product pages. Creating these multiple landing pages will improve the SEO through the help of local searches.

Engage with Your Reviews to Boost SEO

 When customers are looking for local products and services online, they will often rely on feedback and reviews for the business. You should not only invite your customers to leave reviews, but you should also respond to the feedback you are receiving. Search engines will prioritize businesses that engage with their customers.

Manage A Google Business Profile

One of the greatest tools you have for optimizing your SEO is Google My Business (GMB). When you set up and claim your business on GMB, it is also important that you configure your settings optimally.

Utilize Links on Your Site

On your site, you should try to include links that will bring traffic to other businesses near your geographic location. You need to, however, find a balance between the number of links that you include on your site, and the quality of the links themselves. By strategically utilizing links on your site, you can improve the flow of traffic you are getting on your site.

Track the Rankings of You and Your Competition

There exist many tools that give you the ability to check how your business’s SEO is ranking in comparison to your competitors in Collinsville, IL. You can use this to help you map out your SEO strategy and see what they might be doing that helps them rank higher than you. The best part is a lot of these tools are free to use so check them out.

If you need some help with your SEO strategy to help, bring in more customers to your small Collinsville, IL business, give our skilled team of professionals over at Hometown Marketing Group a call today!



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