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Simple Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses in Collinsville, IL

The way businesses operate has changed drastically over the past couple of years. While much larger businesses have been able to adapt a lot more quickly, many smaller businesses in Collinsville, IL are working on adapting to the new normal. With the world socially distanced and many businesses shifting to online marketing and operation, your small business needs to have a good marketing strategy in this day in age. Here we will be discussing a couple of ideas you can try to incorporate into your business strategy.


Upkeeping Your SEO

There was a time when making your business findable was as simple as making it into a phonebook. In this day in age if you want your small business in Collinsville, IL to be findable, you need to focus on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure that the most popular browsers and directories can find you. There are many ways to maintain your SEO, but by doing so you can improve your business’s ranking on Google for example, which will let more people find your business online. We would recommend targeting local areas with city pages on your website to help increase your SEO locally.

Focus on Your Clients

It is important that you focus on providing quality customer experiences for both your new and returning clients. There are ways you can let them provide you feedback, such as reviews on Google or Yelp. The best way you are going to generate more leads and bring in new clients is from referrals from previous clients who had a good experience. Add some attention to bring the best experiences for your clients you can.

Live Chat Options on the Website

Lead Generation

While you may not always be available to interact or answer questions of potential clients, there are ways you can help this. You can add a 24-hour live chat option on your website. This will help generate leads even when you are closed for the day. Chat options like these are also very user-friendly and give your clients an easy way to get their questions answered about your business quickly. Give this one a try on your business’s website.

If you are looking for a marketing firm that can assist you with your marketing needs for your small Collinsville, IL business, give our team of marketing experts over at Hometown Marketing Group a call today. We can assist you with your website and other online marketing options.



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