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How to Maximize Your Businesses Pinterest Account

If you are not using Pinterest for your Collinsville, IL area business already, then it is time to start utilizing the platform. While many companies focus their marketing efforts on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest has become a powerful platform as well. Using this platform can give your company leverage by setting yourself apart from your competitors. Below we have created a list of reasons why you should not only create, but maximize your business’s Pinterest Account.


Optimizing Your Companies Pinterest Profile

While it may take just a few seconds to set up your businesses profile on Pinterest, that doesn’t mean that is all you need to do. When possible, customers look into your profile, they should be able to see what your brand is all about. This also includes what kind of content they should expect from you.

If you are going to use Pinterest as a primary platform to connect with customers, start optimizing your profile to accurately reflect your brand’s image. This includes:

  • Having your company’s logo in your profile picture, ensuring it fits in the proper size guidelines.
  • Create and display an eye-catching cover photo that reflects your brand’s overall style.
  • Write a description that properly defines your brand and what your followers should expect from you.
  • Include your business’s URL.
  • Highlight a few of your best boards and make them as “featured boards”. This gives people a glance into what you offer.

Setting Realistic Goals for a More Organized Approach to Pinterest

What are your business’s specific Pinterest marketing efforts? Once you figure out what goals you are trying to accomplish, you can then utilize that platform to help your business. Not only is it a good idea to identify your goals, but it also will help you take a more intentional approach. Your goals will be able to guide your content and marketing strategy on any platform that you are looking to expand to. It also helps you know how much of a budget to dedicate towards your platform.

Similar to other social networks, Pinterest has a specific role in meeting any key goals of your marketing strategy. This social media platform is a visual search engine, that organically reaches many viewers. Having a follower base is just the floor of the potential reach that your company can obtain.


Start Pinning Like a Boss

Establishing a presence on Pinterest doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Follow the tips we have above, or any other tips you may find. They are here to help your business utilize the uniqueness of this platform. For questions about marketing on this platform or other social media marketing questions, feel free to contact us at Hometown Marketing Group!



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