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Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing is an Essential Trend in 2021

In 2021 the forms of marketing that once ruled the spaces are now going by the wayside. Digital marketing agencies (such as us at Hometown Marketing Group) are now seeing the full potential in marketing strategies based around video content. The rise in video platforms such as YouTube and TikTok shows a shift in which the public responds better with a visual component like video versus just text.

Why is Video Marketing so Important?

Marketing companies are able to handle the demand for video content on social media sites. They understand the importance of shooting videos that are still informative in order to help drive sales and website traffic, but why is video marketing so important?

Video Marketing

Videos Attract Attention

The ability to capture the user’s attention within a matter of seconds can be tricky. However, this is where videos can help save you. The first few seconds of your video need to be enough to get the customer’s attention. Videos are known to hold attention 5 times more than photos do.

Helps Boost Conversions

It is common for consumers to watch videos before making a final purchase decision. This allows them to see products being used in a video format, which will give them the confidence to buy it. Video is also beneficial for websites as they keep users on website pages for a longer period of time.

Attracting New Customers

Videos are a great way to attract a newer customer base. You are able to use the videos that you create to advertise through a multitude of social media platforms. These can include YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for a platform where you can upload your brand’s video.

Demand for Video Content is increasing

The high demand for video isn’t only limited to television- it extends to marketing for brands as well. A popular trend is influencers using video content to increase their follower’s demands.

Video Marketing

Videos Help Build Trust

Marketing is based on trust between the brand and the customers. When you create a solid foundation with your customers, you can depend on them to help spread the word about your business. Video content can help keep this trust. Videos are known for being more engaging and better at evoking different emotions when compared to text or photos. If you have a proper video marketing strategy, you are able to showcase your products in a conversational matter rather than coming off too pushy.

If your video on social media is not only engaging but also entertaining, users will want to share it with others. The users will share it with their friends if you really get their attention. If you need help with video marketing or have any questions feel free to contact us at Hometown Marketing Group!



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