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A Roadmap for Finding the Perfect Marketing Agency for Your Small Business

Whether you are a new start-up or an established small business, it takes a great deal of energy when it comes to focusing on your business needs. Continuing to build your brand is vital, which is why you have probably considered working with a marketing agency. Living in a digital era, you would have thought it would be less overwhelming to find a marketing agency. Here are three tips for finding the right marketing agency.

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  • Evaluate Their Track Record

A marketing company that takes pride in its results should have a portfolio. You should learn and see past results, that way you can envision what they can do for your business. Past results reveal a lot, which is why you should look for case studies, client testimonials, metrics, and analytics that are made available to potential clients.

  • Verify Their Commitment

When you chose to partner with a marketing agency, it’s important to remember that this is a long-term relationship. This is why you want to partner with an agency you like and does excellent work that you can rely on. Take note of their commitment level through the sale process. Do they respond quickly to your inquiries? Do they always follow up? Take the time to analyze how they address your questions and concerns.

  • Communicate Your Budget Up-Front

Not establishing a defined budget can be the downfall of any partnership. Be clear and don’t shy away from communicating your budget, regardless of its size. You never know how a marketing agency might respond if you don’t try.

The best place to start when deciding on a marketing partner is between the two main types of agencies- full service and specialized agencies.

When to Choose a Specialized Agency

A specialized agency has expert experience in one or a few areas of marketing and works hard towards solving a specific problem to identify opportunities to succeed.  While they possess the in-depth knowledge to understand specific problems and solutions, they don’t always have the vast knowledge to branch out into other areas of the marketing process.

Why Choose a Full-Service Marketing Agency?

As your business develops, your marketing needs will also change according to the type of business you have.  A full-service marketing agency has everything your business needs from start to finish- including:

  • Branding and brand development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising and PR
  • Website design development
  • Content creation
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media
  • Video marketing
  • Text marketing

Full-service agencies are a great choice for small companies that can’t afford to have multiple marketing agencies specializing in different areas. Going this route will also ensure continuity and brand consistency. With a full-service marketing firm, you also get the simplicity of having one point of contact with a comprehensive perspective on your business.

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Range of Knowledge and Expertise

As a full-service marketing agency, Hometown Marking Group understands the needs of contractors, artisans, family-owned businesses. That’s why we offer a unique and dynamic wide range of expertise across a variety of industries. We are dedicated to helping businesses at every step of their marketing journey. Whether it’s an individual service or you are looking to build a brand from the ground up. Hometown Marketing Group, Inc is your friendly local Collinsville, IL marketing team, call to schedule a consultation with us.



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