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Trends That Will Stay & Change in Marketing After COVID-19

The global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has changed consumers’ behaviors and attitudes. It has also shifted the marketing strategies and plans that companies used to have in place. Being in this pandemic for around 2 years, we are now understanding what impacts the pandemic has on marketing overall. This includes changes both long-term and short term, as well as how brands need to learn to adapt to the new form of “normalcy” Below we have listed several shifts that the marketing world is experiencing currently due to the pandemic.

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Digital Shopping Is Officially Here to Stay

Stay-at-home orders and physical distancing have created a different custom that has made customers shop differently. The rise in e-commerce services has no sign of slowing down. Data has shown that there has been a massive increase in e-commerce purchases from new and low-frequency users over the course of the pandemic. The majority of consumers now are increasing their use of digital & alternative services such as shopping via social media, curbside pickup, and home delivery. Expect that these will keep growing in popularity even post-pandemic.

The Pandemic is Causing Brand Loyalty to Fade

Another unfortunate change due to the COVID-19 pandemic brand loyalties is fading away. Almost half of all consumers are trying new & different brands. For businesses, this means that they need to become aware of what brands their shoppers may migrate between. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your business, it is recommended that you increase engagement with your consumers.

Creating a More Sustainable & Hygienic System

With the pandemic still lingering on, the increase in contactless activities, including self-checkout at retail locations is still prevalent. This allows for customers to remain as hygienic as possible while still supporting businesses. Besides focusing on hygienic, brands have been focusing on increasing their sustainability. Unlike prior years, sustainability goals will not become abandoned, and businesses are now turning their efforts towards having more sustainable packaging and environmental saving methods. This can include recyclable packaging, encouraging tote bags instead of plastic bags, etc.

Localization of the Market Due to the Pandemic

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There has been a trend as the pandemic goes on, that people are moving from the urban areas, into the more suburban and rural regions. This means that shopping in their local areas is becoming more popular. Most consumers are switching to primarily shopping in their local stores and buying more locally sourced products. This means that it is time for local businesses to shine.

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