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Why You Should Use Memes In Your Marketing Practices

Memes are becoming common in the ever-growing digital age that we are in. Companies across all social media platforms use them to connect with their audience in a humorous way. If you are unsure of what a meme is or how to properly utilize this form of marketing, we at Hometown Marketing Group have you covered!

What are Memes?

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Memes are humorous pieces of content that often feature an image and text. They are usually intended for quick consumption, which makes them great for the fast passed world of digital marketing. Memes can be used for a variety of situations, and they are a way to get people to laugh and take notice of your business. It also allows for customers to feel engaged with your business, but in a simple and effective way.

Benefits of Using Memes in Your Marketing

They are Cheap to Create: There is a certain charm to internet memes. Anyone can create one, and it becomes easier with sites that have meme generators, which allow you to add your own text to popular memes. You are able to use these self-created memes for marketing campaigns, as it allows you to customize the text and make the meme more directed towards what your business is all about.

They Show the Human Side of Your Business: When your business uses memes, they show that there is a human side to your brand. This is because companies see the memes as relatable, and they give customers the ability to feel as though they understand the trendy jokes associated with memes.

They Generate Instant Feedback: There is no guarantee that your meme will become a viral sensation, however, you should still be able to reach a decent audience size. You can use the meme to help generate some instant feedback from your current audience. It is shown that when companies use memes, consumers tend to react more towards them. Especially when compared to something that could be seen as pushy. Almost everyone likes to laugh, so using a meme is a great way to get positive reactions and feedback from your audience.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

Even though it may not seem like it, using memes needs to have some form of strategy behind them. Keep these tips in mind when you utilize memes in your marketing plan.

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  • Check the Licensing of Images: If you are gathering an image to create a new meme, make sure to check for any licensing considerations. This allows you to not only use photos that are allowed but prevents you from getting in trouble with the creator of the images.
  • Get Involved with Trends: Since this type of content is already viral, it provides you with visibility for your business. Just make sure that you are doing the trend properly, as to not seem out of touch.
  • Make sure to be Self-Aware: If you want to push your business’s message, make sure to still use some humor to get the message across. This helps show that you are more than just a business.
  • Keep Up with Pop Culture: It is crucial that you keep up with the current trends, especially as this medias popularity is time-based.

If you have questions about how to utilize memes in your digital marketing, make sure to give our team a call today!



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