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SEO Trends of 2021 – Small Business Marketing

Upcoming SEO Trends of 2021

We’ve said it once and we will say it a hundred times, SEO trends and algorithms are always changing. When search engines began to take the world by storm, all you needed was a few keywords throughout your site’s title and content. You showed up on the first page…. It’s not that simple anymore!

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On average, Google and Bing release 1,000 algorithm changes A YEAR! It’s safe to say a few keywords in your site’s content and title aren’t going to rank your business on the front page. To stay ahead of the game, here are a few SEO trends that you need to watch for the rest of 2021.

Expect Your Rankings to Drop & Come Back Up

We know how exciting it is when your website shows up at the top of the first page, and we know how devastating it can be to be at the bottom of the third page of listings. That’s why you need to constantly analyze your placement and expect to see a change every time the algorithm changes.

If you notice that your rankings are slipping, look at your website and tweak your content, title tags, and more to ensure that your placement stays put. You might even rank higher than it was before. If you’re unsure how SEO exactly works, we recommend partnering with a local marketing agency to assist you. This allows you more focus on running your business.

“I Rank on the First Page in the Middle or Towards the Bottom It’s Fine!” – It’s Not Fine

SEO Strategy

If you’re a local business and you’re not in the top three search placements, you need to change your SEO strategy. As of 2021, most users will click on the top three links and won’t continue scrolling. Why? Because mobile users are wanting results or a solution immediately. If you’re not in the top three results, your business can be missing out on TONS of conversions and leads. If you’re not ranking in the top three, you’re losing revenue. It’s that simple!

Don’t Have The Time To Manage Your SEO? – Contact Us!

If you are unable to dedicate time and effort to understanding SEO, it’s time you contact our team. We manage your SEO and ensure that you will rank on the front page of search engines. With our fast-paced load speeds, outstanding content, and website layout, you’d be in great hands.

Contact us today to undergo a FREE SEO analysis completed by our team of marketers. Together we will create a plan perfect for your needs and budget. We look forward to assisting you with your business growth and digital media presence. For more information call our office at (618) 345-5400 or send us an email at info@hometownusa.net.



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