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Nonprofit Website Design

Nonprofit organizations aren’t operated as a normal business and neither should your website! A great nonprofit is designed for functionality and for educational purposes. It should showcase your strengths and the heart of your organization. You should have a website that has your users taking direct action! That can include donations, volunteer sign-ups, and more!

Your Nonprofit Organization Website Should Include the Following:

1. Easy Navigation

Anyone should be able to navigate your website with ease! Design your website with your online users in mind.

Easy Navigation
Donation Button or Page

2. Donation Button or Page

Your donation sections should be easily accessible on all pages of your site. This makes it easier for your website visitors to donate and not have to search.

3. Basic Branding!

This is YOUR WEBSITE! Brand it as your own by highlighting your cause while being clean and consistent across all the pages of your website.

Basic Branding
Secured Website

4. Secured

Make sure that your website is secure through our security procedures. If your website is not secure it can keep people from donating and imputing their personal information because they deem it unsafe.

5. Event & Volunteer Calendar

Having an event calendar is beneficial because your users can see what you’re up to, and it can also help those who want to volunteer get connected with you! It’s a great way and tool to stay connected to the local community.

Event & Volunteer Calendar
Social Media Links

6. Social Media Links

Direct links to your social media platforms should be present on every landing page of your website. This also helps you stay connected with those in your community and increase your reach and brand awareness!

7. Breathtaking Photography

The images you use on your website should not only reflect your organization but should tell a visual story. Our web design team will customize the look and feel of your website that compliments your images.

Breathtaking Photography
Attention Grabbing Website Design

8. Information That’s Impactful

The homepage of your website needs to grab the attention of your visitor as well as inform them on everything that they need to know. Make sure that your message is full clear and concise. Too much information will have people leaving your site.

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