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Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which One Should Your Business be Using?

Many people in the past have viewed Google Ads and Facebook Ads as competitors. Both companies have been long-standing rivals, often with dramatizations by technology media outlets. However, this fake narrative has now created some confusion between both of the advertising platforms.

Although both of them are seen as competitors, nothing can be further from the truth. Both of these tools have strengths that benefit your business if you understand how to utilize them correctly. That is why we are here to discuss the benefits and differences between both Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

What Are the Differences Between Google Ads & Facebook Ads?

Google Ads: Paid Search

Google Ads is the world’s most popular PPC or pay-per-click advertising platform. This platform uses the targeting of keywords and the use of text-based advertisements. These ads work with the help of keywords that coincides with searches that people do on Google Search, in hopes that their text-based advertisement will appear alongside them. Every time a user clicks on the ad, the advertiser is charged a certain amount of money, that is why it is named “pay-per-click”

Facebook Ads: Paid Social

Facebook Ads are often referred to as a “paid social” type of advertisement, it uses social media to advertise. They have the highest number of monthly active users out of any social network platform in the world. Even though the advertising process can be seen as similar to google ads, Facebook ads use different methods to get consumers to see advertisements. They find users who have interests that match what the business is advertising. This also does not have a per-click charge, and instead is charged for the campaign of an ad.

When thinking of the major difference between the two advertising platforms, Google helps you find new customers, whereas Facebook helps new customers find you.

Strengths of These Advertising Platforms

Google Ads:

  • A Huge Global Audience: Google Handles around 40,000 searches every single second. This shows that no other search engine will be able to reach a wider audience than Google does.
  • A Level Playing Field: Every business has an equal playing field, as the searchability depends on what keywords you are utilizing in order to make sure your business is reaching the desired audience.
  • Wide Range of Ad Formats: There are several features besides AdWords (which helps find the best keywords) that you can utilize. This includes Ad extensions, site links, user review social proofing, and more!

Facebook Ads:

  • Incredible ROI: There is an affordable budget system, which allows for you to have a greater ROI (return on investment) when compared to other advertising software.
  • A Visual Platform: When comparing Google & Facebook ads, you will notice that the text-based ads that Google utilizes with PPC are not as exciting as being able to include images from Facebook.
  • Vast Audience: Similar to Google, Facebook advertising has the ability to reach a ton of people as it has 1.55 billion active users monthly. This allows you to interact with one-fifth of the entire population of the globe!

Even though both services are amazing to use when it comes to digital advertising, they do have their differences and their benefits. If you are trying to figure out which platform is best for your local business to utilize, give our team at Hometown Marketing Group a call today!



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