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Reputation Management

Building a Reputation Management Plan for Your Glen Carbon, IL Business

The reputation of a business is increasingly more crucial than ever, especially online. A majority of customers check reviews before making product purchases online now. A typical customer will need to see at least 10 positive reviews before they can trust a business. This is why it’s so important to build a good digital reputation for your Glen Carbon, IL business. You may be wondering how one can go about growing their online reputation. It is quite simple; The key is using the right strategy.

Digital Marketing

Consider the Current Digital Reputation of Your Business

Looking at where to start is the best first step in any successful strategy. Once you understand where your business currently stands, you can more easily see where you can grow. Understanding the needs of their customers is important for any flourishing business. See if your customers are satisfied with the products and services, they are receiving from you. Also, see if there is any effort to help assist any dissatisfied customer. When you look at how people are responding to your business, you can better understand how they feel about your business as a whole. One way you can go about this process is to get in contact with your most loyal customers by either giving them a survey or giving them a call for feedback. Many different sites can help your customers give you feedback and reviews like Yelp or Google.

Respond to Mentions

Not all mentions are going to be positive, however, it is important to respond to these reviews, questions, and mentions. A majority of customer complaints online never get answered, and a lot of those get logged on social media for all to see. By simply giving a response, you may find a complaining customer may completely change their mind about the business. Being there to listen and take feedback from the customer to find a solution to their complaint, can increase the likelihood of seeing repeat visits and all new customers, bolstering your business’s reputation.  What’s more, is using social media to respond to customers and interact with them. This can help businesses build a relationship with their customers.

Creating a Customer Story

Customer Review

Using customer stories can be a great way to show how great your business is. You can do this by turning to the people who love your business and asking them to tell a story of your brand. You may not even have to ask for a testimonial directly as many customers may already have told stories in the form of reviews. Showcase positive experiences that your customers have, and you may find other customers wanting to tell their own stories.

If you are looking for someone who can help you improve your business’s reputation, give our team over at Hometown Marketing Group a call today!



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