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5 New & Exciting Web Design Trends for 2022

Trends in web design are usually cyclical, but with 2022 approaching, this year may be different than most. Current events such as the pandemic come into play, but so does the ever-growing technology with mobile devices. With this increase in technology, we are seeing a ton of complexity added to websites over the past few years. However, we believe that web designers need to respond to cultural phenomena like economic recovery and privacy and safety concerns. We think that 2022 will be the year that websites will move towards clarity, openness, and simplicity. These new tactics will increase the traffic of your site, as well as allow you to gain traction in the market.

Here are the trends that we at Hometown Marketing Group think will shape the 2022 web design world.

Web Design

Sharing But Not Telling

The first trend we have can also be seen as just a timeless piece of advice. Inspiring people with your message means attracting them with visuals and interactions that both surprise and engage. We believe that in 2022 you will see more background animations and videos being used. These tools will be able to engage the website visitors’ minds and will add gentle motion to your page. This also can decrease the bounce rate and help visitors engage with the words and messaging that is being displayed.

Micro-animations and micro-interactions are also going to be a way that your page can be given life and energy. By making subtle but noticeable changes, you add a deeper level of detail that will help your website stand out.

Curious as to what a micro-interaction is? We describe them as small animations that are triggered when you hover with your cursor or scroll to a particular part of the page. A color change or an icon moving can be simple ways that you can effectively engage visitors visually. It also helps give your page a more tactile feeling.

Web Design Simplicity

Businesses are going through a serious challenge into 2022. That challenge is figuring out a way to simplify their existing websites to allow for smoother customer engagement. We suggest using fewer words, calming colors, and vivid imagery that helps keep your audience engaged. The upcoming trend for website design is moving towards a more simple and lighter feel, which engages users to look deeper into the website. More space is another aspect of website design that is being incorporated as it allows you to reveal and expand on more information, rather than just condensing it.

Aesthetic Web Design

People are becoming more and more overwhelmed! Design trends are moving towards being about keeping people calm, safe, and ready to become engaged again. Many offices and spaces are restructuring in order to get people to come back to in-person working. This trend blends in with web design, as companies are trying to create designs that allow people to feel comfortable and reduce their anxiety.

Using outdoor imagery and using designs inspired by home décor, and organic shapes can help achieve this calm design model. It is really about the aesthetics and feelings that the website design gives off. Designs that feel spacious and inviting will speak directly to your visitor’s sense of safety and help reduce their anxieties.

Customization and Accessibility in Web Design

Accessibility is an increasingly important element of web design. As our devices create more accommodations for visitors with visual or auditory impairments, web design needs to also shift into this accommodation style. Things such as font size customizations and dark mode can really help increase the accessibility of your website, which will help you bring in new customers.

A Positive Mindset

Web Design

Design trends are motivated by cultural mindsets. There are a ton of negative thoughts and mindsets that are currently obscuring and confusing the modern Internet. Information overload is a common issue that hurts our ability to properly cope and understand an experience.

Successful websites in 2022 will counter this negative mindset by creating positive thinking experiences. The themes of recovery and growth will be popularized along with a clear message and inspiring imagery. These trends are helping visitors rather than just directing them.

If you or someone you know has a local business in the Fairview Heights, IL area and needs a new web design, we at Hometown Marketing Group are here to help! Contact us today!



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