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Determining When to Utilize Boosted Facebook Posts or Facebook Ads

A boosted post serves as a post on your Page’s timeline, to which you can allocate funds to widen its reach to a select audience. It stands as the simplest means of advertising on Facebook. Boosted posts, however, differ from Facebook ads in that they aren’t crafted within Ads Manager and offer fewer customization options. Nevertheless, they empower you to specify interests, age groups, and genders for precise ad targeting, enabling you to connect with individuals who are genuinely interested in your business. Boosted posts tend to elevate your brand’s social media engagement metrics and enhance your overall presence in the social sphere.

When to Consider Employing Boosted Facebook Posts

Implementation of Social Media Marketing

When speed is of the essence in increasing your business’s exposure and tapping into new audiences, a boosted post can be a swift solution. While it augments reach and engagement, it primarily focuses on raising awareness and may not be tailored for direct conversions. If your objective is to amplify the visibility of your Facebook posts, ensure they reach a broader segment of your target audience, or boost your brand’s recognition within the Facebook community, then boosted posts might be your preferred strategy.

Boosted posts retain their value as an effective method for bolstering social proof on an existing Facebook post. This, in turn, can lead to cost savings when running Facebook ads for the same content in the future. Boosted posts are strategically designed to stimulate maximum engagement through likes, comments, and shares, all while optimizing customer interaction at a minimal cost, thus delivering exceptional value for your investment. Although they offer fewer customization options compared to Facebook ads, they provide a quick and mobile-friendly approach to expanding your customer base.

When to Consider Utilizing Facebook Ads

Facebook Marketing Services

On the other hand, Facebook ads often deliver more immediate and tangible results, directly aligning with campaign objectives such as lead generation. For certain campaigns, the advanced features of ads may make them a more suitable choice. Boosting posts limits you to just two objectives: website visits and engagement.

Ultimately, the choice between a boosted post and a Facebook ad for a specific campaign hinges on whether you seek short-term or long-term outcomes. If you are the owner of a small business around the Collinsville, IL area and are looking for a company who can help with your social media marketing, contact Hometown Marketing Group today!



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