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At Hometown Marketing Group, Inc. we offer digital marketing solutions for any industry.  You can trust our team to help you discover your digital marketing potential. We will help you generate new leads, increase your exposure, and more! We help small business owners in Highland, Illinois, and surrounding areas with the best SEO practices in the industry. Discover your digital marketing potential with our help, today!

Custom Website Design

Our team designs custom and success-driven websites over a wide variety of industries. All our sites are affordable and are user-friendly, catered to your business and your goals. All our websites are secured and backed up with the best content and SEO practices. Your website is crucial if you are wanting to enhance your business development. Contact us to learn more about our website design services, today!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We offer the best SEO services in the local area! With our help your website will be ranking on the front page of Google! We make sure your site ranks high with relevant search results by backing them up with the best keywords and phrases that align with your services and Google’s ever-changing algorithm! With our help, you will be ranking on the front page of search results in all the cities you serve! Without our SEO skills, your customers aren’t going to find your website! Increase your sales, and your community reach with our SEO services.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Being a business owner means you’re busy and we understand that. That’s why we help you reach a wider audience with our social media marketing campaign tools! Let us take the stress off your shoulders and handle your postings so you can focus on your customers! We will run your social media, help you run successful online campaign advertisements, and more! Learn more about our social media marketing services by contacting our office today!

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Watch your sales conversions move in real time! When you choose our team for your website and social media services, we track your website traffic and your social media response rates! Watch your business grow and sales increase with the help of our digital marketing team and our proven results.

Web Maintenance & Security​

When you choose us, we make sure that your site and your social media are safe. We update your website regularly to ensure that it’s running optimally. This not only keeps your information safe but your website visitor’s information as well! We also make sure that your site is fast and is monitored.

Photography & Video

The photos and videos on your website are more important than you think. With our help you will have the best images on your website and social media accounts! You’ll be able to captivate your audience with the help of our top-notch designers! It’s also important that you start using videos to grab the attention of your website visitors. Contact our team today to learn more about our video design services.

Mobile Design

At Hometown Marketing Group, Inc. we offer mobile marketing services so you can target your customer directly on a local scale! All our websites are designed with the mobile user in mind so that your website is catered to all your customers. Learn more about our mobile design services by contacting our office, today!

Reputation Management

We offer the best reputation management tools in the local area. We help you manage and protect your brand against negative internet bots. Our reputation management services offer you the ability to see what customers are saying about you across dozens of online review platforms all in one place.

Brand Identity & Development

Are you new to internet marketing? Your brand needs to represent you and everything that you stand for. If you are looking for someone to assist you in your brand and logo development, message our team today to get started! Together we will create a digital marketing strategy that will increase your sales.

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