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You can count on our team at Hometown Marketing Group, Inc. to help you explore and discover your digital marketing potential! We help small business owners generate new leads, gain more exposure, and more! We help those in the Belleville, Illinois area and surrounding communities. Start exploring your digital marketing potential with the help of our team, today! You’ll see an increase in leads with our website design services, social media marketing, reputation management tools, and more!

Rule Website Design

Rule website design with our custom and success-driven websites. We offer website design services for a variety of companies and industries. All our sites are user-friendly and centered around the needs and want of your business. We make sure that our sites are secure and supported with the best SEO practices in the industry! Contact us today to learn more about our website design services!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Show up on the front page of Google with strategic SEO services. Our team specializes in SEO (search engine optimization) that makes your website rank on the front page of search results! We use strategic keywords and phrases that align with Google and their ever-changing algorithm! With our help, you’ll rank on the front page and reach more users.

Social Media Marketing

We know how busy being a business owner is. You don’t have the time to manage your business and plan an effective social media strategy all in a day’s work. Let us help you increase your sales and your customer reach with our social media marketing services! Not only will you see continued growth in your business sales, but you’ll also have more time to focus on the ins and outs of your company.  Learn more about our social media marketing services by calling our office today!

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Let our results do all the talking! When you choose us, we track your social media engagement and website traffic in real-time! You get to see your digital marketing results change your business firsthand. This allows you to see the real changes having an effective digital marketing strategy can do for your business.

Web Maintenance & Security​

We promise to keep your information safe and secure. All our sites are secured and monitored to keep everything where it should be. We will check and update your website regularly to ensure optimal safety and efficiency. This protects your information and your website visitor’s information.

Photography & Video

The photos and videos you use are worth more than you may realize. They can bring your digital presence to life and captivate your audience if done right. Our designers ensure that your website and social media are engaging & authentic. Looking to spruce up your photography and video usage? Call our office.

Made for Mobile

Most online visitors are from mobile devices. That’s why all our sites are user-friendly; meaning that they are optimized for mobile users and visitors. We will help mobile users find you in real-time on a local scale with our mobile marketing tools! This puts you above your competitors and customers in your door.

Reputation Management

We offer the best reputation management tools in the local area. With our assistance you can have access to dozens of online review platforms all in one place. We help you manage and protect your brand from bots across all your online platforms as well as use the good reviews as repurposed marketing. Learn more about our reputation management services by calling our office.

Brand Identity Development & Design

Does your brand represent everything you stand for? Do you have a face that your customers can remember? If not, count on us to help you create a logo and design that you and your customers will love! If you’re new to internet marketing and haven’t established an online look, don’t worry! We will work together to develop and create a design you’re happy with. Call today to learn more about our brand identity and design services.

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